What to expect from this website

Hi everyone.  Welcome to LovemyESL.  I love this name because I made this website with lots of love (LOL).  My name is Ambien, and I’ve been teaching ESL for a very long time at the college level.  I’ve learned a lot in my 26 years of teaching thousands of students.  For example, I know that you can learn English faster when it’s fun and interesting.  If you can understand this writing, then this website is for you.  I created it for students at the intermediate level or higher.  Right now I have about 300 lessons!  I add new lessons to the website  every week, so there’s always lots for you to do.  Every lesson teaches you something new about English in a step-by-step way so that it’s easy to learn.  There are many things on this website.  First, there’s lots of VOCABULARY (nouns, verbs and adjectives) and commonly used IDIOMS.  Second, there’s all the GRAMMAR you’ll ever need followed by exercises to see if you have learned it.  Third, I have many LISTENING exercises about topics that will interest you.  Fourth, I’ve included several READINGS, which you will find interesting.  Fifth, I have a large selection of popular English SONGS that you can learn.  I also have a category called HOW TO, where I give you instruction on how to do things, and another category called TIPS, where I give educational advice.

Our mission statement

It is our goal to offer students all over the world an online home where you can come to learn, review and practice English at your own speed with excellent instruction that is interesting and easy to follow.

About your teacher

I got my Bachelor’s degree in French from the University of Pennsylvania in 1969 and came to Canada shortly afterwards.  In 1971, I starting teaching French at a private school in Vancouver but two years later went back to Simon Fraser University to get my teaching credentials so I could teach in the public school system.  I taught French at a public high school for many years and during that time I became a Canadian citizen.  In 1989, I started teaching English as a second language to adults at Vancouver Community College, which is the largest ESL provider in western Canada.  I am married and have a daughter and a grandson.  I enjoy watching many TV shows and movies, and I keep in shape by riding my bicycle and doing my own cooking.  I am a pretty good poker player and have been playing since 2006.  My present love is working on this website, which I do almost every day.


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