Lecture (Level 2) – The 3 A’s of awesome

by Neil Pasricha

a blogger whose blog, “1000 Awesome Things,” is visited by millions of people.  The blog shows people the free, easy joys that make life sweet.  His blog has won two Webby Awards, the Internet’s highest honor.

First preview the vocabulary below.  Then do the exercise by first reading a single question and then listening for the answer.  When you hear the answer, pause the video and answer the question.  Then read the next question and do the same thing.  If you get the answer wrong, then go back to where the answer is given and listen again.

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taking for granted:  accepting as normal
settled down:  decided to live in one place
sitcom:  funny TV show
tougher:  harder, more difficult
heavy:  serious
brink:  edge
collapse:  death, end
livelihoods:  ways to make money
challenging:  difficul
dark clouds:  sadness
the positives:  the good things
mood: general feeling
blogs:  websites where someone keeps adding new things
skyrocket:  go up very fast
fake:  not real
overshadowed:  made less importance
lumps and bumps:  troubles
doom and gloom:  hopelessness, sadness
move forward:  leave the past behind
hanging out with:  being with
centerpiece:  flowers in the middle of the table
embracing:  loving
authenticity:  being yourself
NFL:  National Football League
chicks:  women
fulfilled:  satisfied with life
atlas:  a book of maps of the world
fleeting:  passing quickly
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