How to find a homestay

If you’re coming to Canada to improve your English, consider living in a homestay with a Canadian family.  There are several advantages to this.  First of all, you will learn about real Canadian culture.  These are people who have jobs and friends and who like to do activities for entertainment.  You will be immersed in Canadian culture.  Even the food you eat will be cultural.  Your meals are usually included in the price you pay for a homestay.  Laundry service is also usually provided.  Although you don’t have to, you can help clean up around the house, and it will be greatly appreciated by your homestay family.  They may thank you by including you in their activities where you will meet other Canadians and maybe make friends.  Lastly, your English will improve much faster at a homestay because everyone will be speaking English all the time.  On the other hand, there are some disadvantages to a homestay.  First, you have less freedom than if you lived alone or with a roommate.  You can’t make too much noise, be messy, or come home too late.  If you want to stay out late, be sure to tell them ahead of time.  You need to follow the house rules, such as meal times and quiet times.  Most homestay families will get to know your likes and needs and help you enjoy your stay in Canada.  To get the best from this experience, choose a host family that lives close enough to the school you’re going to.  Be friendly with the family by talking to them and getting to know them.  Your homestay time can be a wonderful experience and one that you will never forget.  To find a good homestay in Vancouver, visit

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immersed in – surrounded by
provided – given to you
appreciated – thanked
disadvantages – things that are wrong or bad
messy – leaving clothes, dishes and belongings everywhere.
ahead of time – before it happens
expecting – waiting for
rules – a list of things you can and cannot do
plenty – a lot
I can handle it – I can do it

Pronunciation Exercise: Listen and repeat the vocabulary above and below on the audio file below.


Wendy:  Hello.  My name is Wendy.  I called you earlier from the homestay office.

Rachel:  Yes, of course.  I’ve been expecting you.  Welcome to our home.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy it here.

Wendy:  I’m sure I will.  Is there anything you would like to know about me?

Rachel:  Well you can start with your age and where you’re from, and I’ll tell you a little bit about myself.  I’m sure we’ll learn a lot about each other over the next months.

Wendy:  When can I meet the rest of the family?

Rachel:  Not till dinnertime, at 6:00.  We always have dinner together at six.  It’s one of our family rules.

Wendy:  I understand.  I will always be here at 6:00 for dinner.  Could I give you any help preparing dinner?  My ESL class ends at 2:00, so I’ll have plenty of time to help.

Rachel:  Sure you can help me set the table.  Let me show you to your room.  It’s upstairs.  Do you need help with your bags?

Wendy:  Thanks, but I only brought one suitcase.  I can handle it.

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