Texting shortcut tips

With text messaging, or “texting,” it takes too long to type all of the words that you need, so people have developed shortcuts so they can save time.  By using these shortcuts, you can say a lot by texting only a little.  You can even program your iPhone with these shortcuts.  Just go to “Settings,” – “General,” – “Keyboard,” and then “Shortcuts.”  Here you can input all of these shortcuts.  Then all you have to do is type the shortcut and your iPhone will type out the whole expression.  Here’s a list of the most common text message shortcuts.  The ones in blue can also be used when you’re talking because most English speakers will understand these shortcuts.

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AAMOF = as a matter of fact [used before a truth or fact]
AKA = also known as [used when someone uses a different name]
AMAP = as much as possible, as many as possible
ASAP = as soon as possible
AWTTW  = a word to the wise [used before giving advice]

B/C = because
BF = boyfriend
BFF = best friend forever
BION = believe it or not [used before something unbelievable]
BLTN = better late than never [when you do something later than you should have]
BRB = be right back (I’ll be right back) [you have to take a short break]
BTDT = been there done that (I’ve been there and done that) [you have had a similar experience]
BTW = by the way [you want to change the subject]

CMIIW = correct me if I’m wrong
CUL  = see you later

DEGT = don’t even go there [you don’t want to hear a negative story]
DIY = do it yourself
DOB = date of birth
DTRT = do the right thing

EGBOK = everything’s going to be okay [used to comfort someone who’s upset]
EOD = end of discussion [you don’t want to talk about it anymore]
ESP = especially
ETA = estimated time of arrival [you want to tell someone when you’ll arrive]
For example:  Running late.  Eta 20 mins.

FAQ = frequently asked questions [frequently = often] [questions everybody asks]
FC = fingers crossed [you hope what you said is true]
FCFS = first come, first served [the person who’s late doesn’t get anything]
FOAF = friend of a friend
FOMO = fear of missing out [fear of not doing something that could be fun]
FTBOMH = from the bottom of my heart [used when you have strong feelings of love]
FTF = face to face
FYEO = for your eyes only [you want the person to see it but keep it a secret]
FYI = for your information [you want to inform someone]

GAL = get a life [someone is much too interested in someone else’s life]
GBH = great big hug
GF = girlfriend
GFI = go for it
GFU = good for you [you’re congratulating someone on a job well done]
GL = good luck
GNSD = good night, sweet dreams
GOOH = get out of here [you don’t believe what someone tells you]
GTG = got to go  [you have to stop texting]

HAND = have a nice day
HSIK = how should I know?

ICBW = I could be wrong
IDBI = I don’t believe it
IDC = I don’t care
IDK = I don’t know
IDTS = I don’t think so
IMS = I am sorry
IMU = I miss you

IRL = in real life [not on the internet, but face to face]
ITA = I totally agree
IYD = in your dreams [your answer is definitely no]
IYDM = if you don’t mind [you’re asking someone to do something for you]

JFF = just for fun
JMO = just my opinion

KIT = keep in touch [you want to keep communicating with someone in the future]
KWIM = know what I mean? (Do you know what I mean?) [to find out if the other person understood you]

LMIRL = lets meet in real life [to set up a face to face meeting]
LOL = laughing out loud (I’m laughing out loud)
LYL = love you lots (I love you lots)

MIA = missing in action [you don’t know where someone is]
MSG = message
MYOB = mind your own business [you’re unwilling to give the answer]

N/M = never mind [it’s not important]
NAGI = not a good idea
NBD = no big deal  [the problem is really small]
NMP = not my problem [the problem belongs to someone else]
NOYB = none of your business  [you’re unwilling to give the answer]
NP = no problem
NPNG = no pain, no gain [when the result is not easy to get]
NRN = no reply necessary [when you don’t want a reply to your message]

OJ = only joking
OMDB = over my dead body [the answer is definitely no]
OMG = oh my God, oh my gosh, oh my goodness [used when you are surprised]
OMW = on my way (I’m on my way) [you haven’t arrived yet]
ONNA = oh no, not again [the same thing has happened again]
OOTD = one of these days [at some time in the future]
OTOH = on the other hand [used when you start listing opposite things]
For example:  Vancouver’s a beautiful city to live in.  Otoh, it rains a lot.

PDA = public displays of affection [kissing, hugging, or holding hands when others can see]
PDQ = pretty darn quick [as fast as possible]
PLS = please
POV = point of view [the position someone sees something from]
For example:  From my pov I think she’s crazy to quit school.
PPL = people

Q+A = questions and answers [similar to FAQ]
QT = quiet [“on the qt” means “it’s a secret”]

RE = regarding [this is the topic of your conversation]
For example:  I have a question re the homework for this weekend.
RIP = rest in peace [used after you say the name of someone who has died]
RUOK = are you okay?

S/O = someone
S/TH = something
SBB = stupid beyond belief [you can’t believe someone did something so stupid]
SFSG = so far, so good [until now everything is okay]
SOP = standard operating procedure [the way something is always done]
SOS = same old story [a story you’ve heard many times before]
SPST = same place, same time [for a repeated meeting]

TA = thanks again
TBC = to be continued [you’re not finished and you want to continue later]
TBNT = thanks but no thanks [you politely refuse an offer]
TIA = thanks in advance [you’re thanking someone for something they will do later]
TIE = take it easy [relax, calm down]
TLC = tender loving care [you want someone to be gentle with something]
For example:  Please treat my guitar with tlc.
TM = tomorrow
TMI = too much information [someone told you something you don’t want to know]
TTYL = talk to you later
TX = thanks

USU = usually

VIP = very important person

W/ = with
W/O = without
WDYM = what do you mean?
WDYW = what do you want?
WIIFM = what’s in it for me? [what will I get when I do you this favor?]
WKD = weekend
WOMBAT = waste of money, brains and time
WTG = way to go [congratulations on a job well done]
WU = what’s up? [what’s happening]

X&O = hugs and kisses

YAC = you available to chat? (Are you available to chat?) [do you have time to text?]
YBS = you’ll be sorry [you think someone is doing something wrong]
YD = yesterday
YOLO = you only live once [said as motivation to do something]
YW = you’re welcome

Study these shortcuts and when you think you’re ready, do the following exercise.

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