Level 3 adjectives – Unit 03

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ancient:      very very old
The pyramids of Egypt are ancient.
There is an ancient city in Peru called Machu Picchu.

athletic:   physically active and strong, good at sports
His son has  strong athletic abilities.
Juanita is more athletic than her brother Carlos.

attractive:   good-looking, beautiful, handsome
She is an attractive woman.
I don’t think he’s attractive at all.

available: easy to get, ready to use
There are no rooms available at this hotel.
How many chairs are available to us tonight?

brilliant:    shining brightly, very intelligent

Your diamond ring is brilliant.
That was a brilliant idea you had.

defective:   badly made, faulty
This smart phone is defective.  I’ll take it back to the store tomorrow.
The coffee maker doesn’t work.  I think it’s defective.

dim:      with very little light
It’s too dim in this room to read.
Dim lights are much more romantic that bright lights.

enraged:    very angry
Paul was enraged when he found out that his girlfriend cheated on him.
The citizens were enraged at their government’s inaction.

fragile:    easily broken
Be careful.  Those crystal glasses are very fragile.
Spider webs are strong and fragile at the same time.

manageable:   able to be done, doable
That problem is a manageable one.
The work I have to do is manageable.

rigid:    unbending, stiff
My father’s rules are very rigid.
As a  doctor, he has a very rigid schedule.

urban:    of the city
I prefer an urban lifestyle rather than a rural one.
Vancouver has good urban transportation.

valuable:    costing a lot of money, very important
This ring that I got from my grandmother is very valuable.
They learned a valuable lesson when they got arrested.

vast:      very large, of very great size
The Pacific Ocean is vast.
He has a vast knowledge of geography.

weary:    physically or mentally tired
After her 14-hour flight, she was weary.
He stayed up all night studying, so he was weary after the test.

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