Level 3 adjectives – Unit 02

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brief:     for a short time, quick
They spent a brief time in Greece last summer.
I hope this meeting is brief.  I have things to do.

common:    general, ordinary, widespread
Black hair is more common that blond hair.
Soccer is a common sport all over the world.

current:    present, happening now
Their current address is 2235 Main Street.
This newspaper is not current.  It’s from last week.

endless:    continuous, without an end
At the beginning of July the summer seems endless to students.
The possibilities are endless.

filthy:    very very dirty
Go wash those filthy hands before dinner.
Don’t use that filthy language in my home.

magnificent:    unusually beautiful or big
We can see magnificent mountains from our living room.
His house on the ocean is magnificent.

moist:     a little wet, damp
I am so nervous that my hands are moist.
Wipe up that spill with this moist sponge.

numerous:    many, a lot, a large number
I’ve seen him at the coffee shop numerous times.
In the courtroom, the spectators were numerous.

rapid:    fast, quick
The skytrain is the most rapid transportation in the city.
The patient has a rapid heartbeat, so he’s taking medication.

rural:    of the countryside
They live in a rural area of British Columbia.
Rural life is much slower than life in a city.

slender:    thin, slim
Miranda is a model, so she has to stay slender.
Her feet are very slender.

stingy:    not wanting to share
Don’t be so stingy.  Share that box of candy.
He’s a stingy old man.

sturdy:        well-built, strong, solid
Don’t stand on that chair.  It’s not very sturdy.
This porch is really sturdy.  The builders did a good job.

uneasy:    feeling that something is wrong
I had an uneasy feeling when I saw the envelope.
She felt uneasy when her friend didn’t come.

wounded:    hurt, bleeding
He picked up the wounded bird and took it home.
His father was wounded in the revolution.

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