Level 3 adjectives – Unit 04

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adequate:   as much or good as necessary but no more.
His $12 tip was adequate, but certainly not generous.
Her knowledge of cooking is adequate.  She’ll learn more as she gets older.

confident:  feeling sure of yourself, feeling able to do something.
I’m confident that you’ll be able to learn 15 new words every 3 days.
She married a confident man who knew how to take care of her.

evident:   easy to see or understand
It is evident that you know a lot about cars.
They cleaned the house well, so last night’s party wasn’t evident.

hectic:   very busy but a little disorganized
I’ve had a hectic day and I’m really tired.
Shopping on Saturday afternoon was a hectic experience.

indifferent:   not interested, not caring
I’m indifferent about where we go for our next holiday.  You decide.
I’m worried about her.  She seemed indifferent about losing her job.

mediocre:   neither good nor bad, of ordinary quality
I won’t go back to that restaurant.  The food is mediocre and the service is terrible.
Unfortunately, he’s just a mediocre student.

numb:   unable to physically or mentally feel anything
After I took off those tight shoes, my toes were numb.
She felt numb after the death of her husband.

ordinary:   common, average, not special
It’s just an ordinary movie.  Don’t waste your money.
His house looked very ordinary from the outside.

permanent:   lasting forever
He has a permanent scar on his forehead from the skiing accident.
If you burn those photos, it’s permanent, you know.

personal:   private, belonging only to you
He was absent from work for personal reasons.
In my personal opinion, they should never have gotten married.

scented:   nice smelling
Those scented candles fill the room with a wonderful smell.
Most air fresheners are scented.

shallow:   not at all deep
The water here is shallow enough for the children to swim in.
The Arctic ocean is the most shallow of all oceans.

traditional:   the same for many generations
It’s traditional in our family to get married in June.
We’re having a traditional Thanksgiving this year.

unmoved:   not feeling emotion
The policeman seemed unmoved by her sad story.
He tried to hide his emotions because he wanted her to think he was unmoved.

wholesome:   healthy to eat
Many people know that bananas are a wholesome food.
I only eat wholesome cereal for breakfast.

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