Level 1 idioms – Unit 07


Joan:    Jane?  Is that you?

Jane:    Joan!  Good to see you again.

Joan:    When you’re turned around, I can’t tell you apart from your sister.

Jane:    A lot of people say that.  By the way, did you hear what they’re going to give away at Budget Clothes to some lucky customer?

Joan:    I give up.  Tell me.

Jane:    A trip for two to Hawaii.  We should go down there and fill out some entry forms for the draw.  I think the limit is 10 entries each, so we’ll have 20 chances to win.  Maybe we’ll get lucky.

Joan:      That’s a great idea.  Then we can try on some new clothes while we’re there.  I feel like shopping.  How did you find out about the free trip?

Jane:    They were handing out flyers yesterday at the supermarket.

Joan:    There’s one thing I can’t figure out.  How can they afford to give away such an expensive trip?  It must cost a pretty penny.


by the way:  changing the topic, talking about something else
entry form:  paper you fill out so you can win if they pick it
• draw:  the choosing of the winner
• limit:  maximum, the most
entries:  entry forms
• flyers:  advertisements on paper
• afford:  have enough money


turn around       face in the opposite direction
tell apart              see the difference
give away             give (to anyone)
give up                  not know the answer / stop (an activity) / let an opponent win
fill out                    complete (a form)
try on                     wear clothing, jewelry, or perfume before buying
feel like                 want to
hand out               give (to students or others)
figure out             find a solution, understand
a pretty penny    a lot of money


Give up has three meanings.  The second meaning is “stop an activity.”
Example:  I gave up ballet lessons when I was ten.
The third meaning is “let an opponent win.”
Example:  I give up.  You win.  You play so much better than I do.

Fill out and fill in have similar meanings, but fill out is generally used for a whole form while fill in is used for one piece of information.
Example:  Don’t forget to fill in your social insurance number.

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