Go home, go to school, go to the store

After go, students often make mistakes with to and to the.  Here is the rule with examples.

Go somewhere (no to, no to the)

You‘re going shopping. (or any other activity with an -ing)

I‘m going home.

They‘re going downtown.

He‘s going there.

She‘s going upstairs.

I‘m going downstairs.

We‘re going inside.

They‘re going outside.

You‘re going abroad. (= to another country)

He‘s going overseas.

I‘m going somewhere.

He‘s not going anywhere.

We‘re going nowhere.

Go to somewhere (no to the)

I‘m going to school.

They‘re going to college / university. (when being general and not naming the institution)

My kids are going to daycare.

We‘re going to work.

She‘s going to church.

You‘re going to bed.

I‘m going to lunch.

He‘s going to dinner.

He‘s going to town.

They‘re going to Stanley Park. (or any other names of places)

We‘re going to Vancouver. (or any other city)

She‘s going to Starbucks. (or any other names of business)

Go to the somewhere

He‘s going to the bank.

We‘re going to the store.

They‘re going to the restaurant.

She‘s going to the beach.

I‘m going to the movies.

You‘re going to the supermarket.

We‘re going to the library.

He‘s going to the hospital.

I‘m going to the dentist. (or any other professional person)

[And every other place not on the first 2 lists.]

You can also say go to a somewhere if it’s not the place you always go to but a place you don’t usually go to.

I’m going to a drug store.

We’re going to a coffee shop.

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