Level 3 adjectives – Unit 06

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forbidden:    not allowed, against the rules or law
Smoking anywhere in this building is forbidden.
In some religions pork is a forbidden food.

fragrant:    having a nice smell
I only buy fragrant flowers that make my apartment smell nice.
This is one of the most fragrant wines I have drunk in a long time.

furious:     extremely angry
She was furious with him for lying to her.
They were furious that their table had been given to someone else.

greedy:    wanting all of it and not willing to share
Eating the whole pie is a greedy thing to do.
Don’t be greedy.  Leave me some of those potato chips.

hearty:    healthy or strong
We had a hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon, and pancakes.
They gave the soldier a hearty welcome when he arrived back home.

inferior:    not as good, poor in quality
Don’t buy that smart phone.  It’s inferior to the one I have.
Last year they put inferior tires on my car, and now I need new ones.

isolated:    separated from others, alone
The girl felt isolated in her new school.
There was one isolated tree in the middle of the field.

monotonous:    always the same, repeating and boring
His job in the box factory is monotonous.
She doesn’t enjoy the music because she feels it’s monotonous.

noticeable:    easily seen
The scar on his face is more noticeable in the morning.
The stain wasn’t very noticeable, so she didn’t have to change her dress.

outstanding:    better than all the others, excellent
Everyone agrees he’s an outstanding athlete.
The job you did on your last project was outstanding.

peculiar:    unusual and strange
She has a peculiar habit of twisting her hair with her fingers.
I think it’s peculiar that Susan missed our 4:00 meeting.

similar:     generally the same
The boys have a similar attitude toward their studies.
They both had similar experiences when they were young.

superior:    better in quality
That company builds cars that are superior in quality to other cars.
His writing is superior to his classmate’s.

unfamiliar:    not knowing about
We are unfamiliar with the customs of this country.
They found themselves in unfamiliar surroundings.

visual:    about seeing or sight
He will always carry a visual image of her in his mind.
It’s been a long time, and I have no visual memory of her face.

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