Level 2 idioms – Unit 05


Jodie:  I saw my mother off at the airport yesterday, and now I’m stuck with taking care of her dog until next Thursday.

Sarah:  I can’t believe my ears.  You hate dogs.  I was hoping that you would come keep me company today while I go shopping at the mall.

Jodie:  I’d love to take some time off and go with you, but I don’t have anyone who could fill in for me.  What am I supposed to do with the dog?

Sarah:  How about leaving it with a neighbor?  On second thought, bring it along.  We can drop it off at the doggie daycare.

Jodie:  Well then, you can count me in.  I deserve a break today.

Sarah:  Great.  You know how I get carried away when I shop alone.

Jodie:  Who knows?  We might come across some bargains.

Sarah:  Thanks for coming with me.  We’ll start off with lunch, and I’ll pick up the tab.

Jodie:  Thanks.  I appreciate the invitation.  It’s nice having a friend who has deep pockets.


doggie daycare:  a business that takes care of dogs for the day
deserve:  have paid for with my time and effort
bargains:  inexpensive items
appreciate:  be thankful for


see (someone) off                         accompany (someone) and say good-bye (at the airport, train station, etc.)
be stuck with                                   have (something/someone) one cannot get rid of
not believe one’s ears/eyes     unable to believe what one hears/sees
keep (someone) company        be with someone so they are not alone
take time off (from)                     take a break
fill in (for)                                           do another person’s job
on second thought                      after reconsidering
count (someone) in                     include (someone) in an activity
get carried away                           become so involved that everything else seems unimportant
come across                                    find (something) unexpectedly
pick up the tab                               pay the bill
have deep pockets                       have a lot of money


Not believe one’s ears/eyes can also be hardly believe one’s ears/eyes.

Take time off can also be take some time off / take a little time off.

On second thought is similar to have second thoughts, which means to reconsider.

Count (someone) in has an opposite:  Count (someone) out, which means exclude (someone) from an activity.
Example:  If you’re going dancing tonight, you can count me out because I don’t dance.

Come across and run across have the same meaning.

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