Level 2 idioms – Unit 08


Mrs. Dix:  Jason, could I have a word with you?

Jason:  Sure Mrs. Dix.  What’s up?

Mrs. Dix:  I’ve put up with your poor behavior for weeks now, and I won’t stand for it in my class anymore.  If you continue to fool around, I’m going to ask you to leave the class.

Jason:  I’m sorry Mrs. Dix.  It’s just that I’m finding this class somewhat difficult.  For example, I can’t come up with an idea for my class project, and I’m having trouble keeping track of when everything is due.

Mrs. Dix:  Have you tried using a personal organizer?  It’s especially good for people on the go.

Jason:  No, I never thought of that.  Thanks for the tip.

Mrs. Dix:  I should also point out that the deadline for your project idea is this Friday.  It really burns me up when students miss deadlines, so make sure you don’t miss it.  I suggest you look over a list of project titles from last term to give you some ideas.  They’re posted outside my office.

Jason:  That’s a good idea, Mrs. Dix.  I guess I’ve got my work cut out for me.  I’ll have a look at the list and get in touch with you before Friday.

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behavior:  the way someone acts
somewhat a little
an independent production by a student that takes time to complete
 supposed to be given to the teacher
personal organizer
a weekly calendar book
last possible date
names that students give to their projects to say what the work is about
 the length of a class, usually 3 to 4 months
put on the wall for everyone to read


have a word (with someone)           have a short private conversation
put up with                                               tolerate
won’t stand for                                       not allow to be done
fool around                                              waste time by playing
come up with                                          create, think of
keep track (of)                                       keep informed about
on the go                                                    always busy, always moving
point out                                                   indicate
burn (someone) up                             make (someone) angry
look over                                                   read quickly
have one’s work cut out for one   have a hard job that one must do
get in touch (with)                              communicate by phone, e-mail, or text message


Won’t stand for and won’t sit still for mean the same thing.

Come up with and dream up mean the same thing.

On the go and on the run mean the same thing.

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