Lecture (Level 2) – How to buy happiness

by Michael Norton
a social science researcher and associate professor at the Harvard Business School.  His research was featured in the New York Times Magazine Year in Ideas issues of 2007 and 2009.


First preview the vocabulary below.  Then do the exercise by first reading a single question and then listening for the answer.  When you hear the answer, pause the video and answer the question.  Then read the next question and do the same thing.  If you get the answer wrong, then go back to where the answer is given and listen again.

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experiment:  a test to see if something is true
ruined:  broken and not repairable
debt:   owing money
bug:  ask repeatedly
fantasizing:  creating a story in your head
extort:  get money to not share a secret
antisocial:  not liking to be with other people
prosocial:  doing things for other people
affluent:  having lots of everything
correlated:  related
charity:  organizations that help people
dominate:  have the most wins
league:  a group of teams that play together
benefit:  do good things for

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