Level 4 idioms – Unit 08


Julio:  I can’t believe you got an ace on the river to beat me.  I think I’m going to call it quits for the day and go home.

Allan:  At least you’re a good sport.  Most people would be beside themselves with anger after losing $100 playing poker.

Julio:  The way I look at it is that I broke even for the week.   Three days ago I won a hundred bucks at the casino.  Can I ask you a question?  Do you think I’ve got a gambling problem?

Allan:  The idea has crossed my mind.  You do spend a lot of time playing poker.  I think you should move on and find something else to do that tickles your fancy.

Julio:  You might be right.  Poker’s not as much fun as it used to be.  It’s become a drag.

Allan:  I didn’t mean to come down hard on you, but you did ask.

Julio:  No, I’m glad you spoke your mind.  I’ve been running on autopilot for a long time, and I definitely need a change.

Allan:  Well, if anybody can pull it off, you can.  I’ve got confidence you’ll do the right thing.


ace:  the highest value card
the river:  the last card placed on the board
bucks:  dollars
casino:  gambling house
gambling:  betting money on a game of chance
used to be:  was in the past
definitely:  absolutely
confidence:  belief


call it quits:                                              stop doing it
a good sport:                                           someone who can win or lose and not show emotion
be beside oneself:                                 show strong emotion
• break even:                                              have the same amount of money as originally
cross one’s mind:                                 be thought about
move on:                                                   stop doing the same thing and do something different
tickle one’s fancy:                                 be something one likes
a drag:                                                        something boring
come down hard on (someone):   tell (someone) what they’re doing wrong
speak one’s mind:                                honestly say what one thinks
run on autopilot:                                  do things automatically without thinking
pull it off:                                                 accomplish (something), be successful at (something)


come down hard on and be tough on have the same meaning.

run on autopilot can also be be on autopilot.

a drag can be made stronger by adding “real”:  a real drag.

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