Level 3 idioms – Unit 08


Ken:  Hey Vince.  Do you want to go to that wilderness survival seminar this weekend?

Vince:  I can’t.  I’ve got this paper to do for biology class on Monday.  I’m going to have to work for days on end to finish it.

Ken:  Are you sure you can’t tear yourself away from it just this once?

Vince:  I don’t think so.  I’ve turned over a new leaf — work first, play afterwards.  Besides, I’m feeling a bit under the weather, so I’m afraid you’ll just have to go by yourself.

Ken:  I could never let my work tie me down and keep me from enjoying myself.  Tell me, what brought about this sudden change in your study habits?

Vince:  I realized I was wasting a lot of time and wasn’t prepared for classes, so I took the bull by the horns and made up a weekly schedule for myself.  I’ve planned some recreation time, but only in the late afternoons.  The rest of the time is study time.

Ken:  Do what you want, but when I look back on these years, I want to remember the good times I had.  Are you sure I can’t talk you into coming?

Vince:  Yes, I’m sure.  Now please leave me alone.  I’ve got to get on this paper.

Ken:  No problem.  I’ll give you a week with your new schedule, and then I’m sure you’ll be singing another tune.  Well, I’ve got to hit the road.  I’ll see you Sunday night.

Vince:  Sure.  You can fill me in on the seminar when you get back.


wilderness survival:  knowledge you need to live in nature
seminar:  a class or classes over a short time, such as a weekend
paper:  a piece of writing that requires research
besides:  here is a different reason
sudden:  quick
study habits:  the way you study
realize:  to figure out for the first time
waste time:  to let time pass doing nothing
schedule:  list and time of activities you must do
recreation:  activities that are done for fun


on end:                                                                   without a break, consecutively
tear oneself away (from something):    stop doing (something)
turn over a new leaf:                                       start doing things more effectively
under the weather:                                         not feeling well
tie (someone) down:                                       limit (someone’s) activities
bring about (something):                           cause (something) to happen
take the bull by the horns:                         make a decision to do something
look back (on something):                         remember (something) from long ago
get on (an activity):                                        start working (on something) immediately
sing another tune:                                          feel differently, change one’s opinion
hit the road:                                                       leave by car or other vehicle
fill (someone) in:                                            tell (someone) what happened


Sing another tune can also be sing a different tune.
Get on (an activity) can also be get on with (an activity)

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