Level 1 nouns – Unit 10

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baggage:  the suitcases and bags you bring on a trip
The airline lost her baggage, but she got it back two days later.
That truck loads and unloads the baggage from airplanes.

business:  the selling of goods and services to make a profit
They started a seafood business in the Florida Keys.
His business takes him to many different countries.

college:  a school of higher learning after high school
Vancouver Community College is well known for its ESL program.
She wants to travel first and go to college next year.

dirt:  the loose top layer of the earth
He wrote his name in the dirt with a stick.
The car sped away leaving a cloud of dirt behind it.

fault:  a wrong action that someone did
The accident was all my fault.
It was no one’s fault that we lost the game.

history:  a record of past events related to people
History is full of bad rulers, both men and women.
I don’t know much of the history of Greece.

label:  the information on the outside of a product
Check the label on that shirt to make sure it’s 100% cotton.
The label on this juice says it’s made from 100% Florida oranges.

market:  a place where people go to buy and sell goods
There’s an excellent meat market on Commercial Street.
Every Friday and Saturday there’s a farmer’s market in this parking lot.

plastic:  a material made from oil that can be shaped
Except for the rubber wheels and the metal frame, the toy truck was all plastic.
The forks, knives and spoons for the picnic were white plastic.

row:  lots of things in a straight line
She liked to sit in the front row of all her classes at school.
There were rows and rows of logs on the public beach.

sleeve:  the part of a shirt or coat that covers the arms
You could see he was a sergeant from the chevron on his sleeve.
She pulled up her sleeves before washing the dishes.

throat:  the connection between the mouth and the stomach
He drank lemon ginger tea for his sore throat.
The man’s throat had been cut and his body left in the alley.

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