Level 1 nouns – Unit 02

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assistant:  a person whose job is to help another person.
Please call my assistant to make an appointment to see me.
My assistant does a very good job keeping me organized.

basement:  the underground part of a house.
Her exercise equipment is in the basement.
The last big rain storm flooded the basement of our house.

cage:  a box with bars to hold animals.
The children stood in front of the lions cage for a long time.
She keeps two lovebirds in a cage in the dining room

gift:  something one person gives to another.
We’re thinking about giving her a gift when she graduates.
Give me twenty dollars and the wine will be a gift from the two of us.

instructor:  teacher.
The man over there is my automotive shop instructor; I should say hi.
The instructor told us there would be a mid-term test next week.

juice:  liquid from fruit or vegetables.
Pineapple juice is too sweet for my taste.
With the apples all over the ground, they made apple juice.

locker:  a metal box with a door that locks.
I have to stop by my locker and get the books for my next class.
I paid for a locker at the gym so I could keep my workout clothes there.

neighbor:   a person who lives next to you.  [Also: neighbour]
I woke up when I heard my neighbor get home last night.
My neighbor and I built a fence between our houses.

product:  something that is made for sale.
That company makes electronic products.
The company’s most famous product is the iPhone.

reservation:  a hold on a table (restaurant), room (hotel), seat (airplane).
Did you make a reservation at that French restaurant for tomorrow night?
I have a reservation for tomorrow morning on flight 576 to Hawaii.

secretary:  an office worker who helps a boss.
When his secretary was sick, he had a hard time running the office alone.
She works as a secretary to the vice-president of the company.

teenager:  a young person between the ages of 13 and 19.
He started to play football when he was a teenager in high school.
Although she’s now a big movie star, she was very shy as a teenager.

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