Level 1 nouns – Unit 04

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author:  a person who writes books, articles, blogs, etc.
She is the author of several children’s novels.
I’ve seen this writing before.  I think I know who the author is.

couple:  two people with a close relationship, often married
Jeremy and Judy make a nice couple.
Do you remember that couple we met in Mexico last year?

distance:  the length between two places
In the distance he saw a small dot in the sky and knew it was his father’s plane.
The average distance between the earth and the moon is  384,403 kilometers.

forest:  an area with a lot of trees and other plants
The whole island was covered in forest.
There are many wild animals living in the forests of British Columbia.

grocer:  the owner of a grocery store where you buy food
There’s a green grocer down the street where you can get some salad makings.
The grocer recommended these Nicola apples.  He said they’re crispy and sweet.

hero:  a person who saves someone’s life or does other great things
Everyone says he’s a hero for saving that boy from the river.
He tried to be a hero and save her, but they both died.

mirror:  a flat glass in which you can see yourself
As she passed by, she saw herself in the hallway mirror.
The mirror was foggy after his shower, so he wiped it down.

pocket:  a place to carry things in your pants, shirt or coat
I know I have change for a dollar.  Let me check my pockets.
His camping knife dropped out through a hole in his pocket.

pronunciation:  the way you say words
Her pronunciation is quite good, and she’s easily understood.
There are two correct pronunciations of the word “either.”

salary:  the money you get for working in a job
She’s getting a base salary of $12 an hour plus a percentage of her sales.
Can I ask what the salary will be for this position?

shoulder:  the connection of your arm to your body
He was glad he could give her a shoulder to cry on.
She sprained her shoulder trying to lift her bike onto its rack.

traffic:  all the cars on the road
There’s not much traffic at this time of day, so let’s get going.
At rush hour the traffic downtown is bumper to bumper.

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