Level 1 nouns – Unit 05

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ankle:  the connection of your foot to your leg
The man twisted his ankle when he got off the bus.
When she was pregnant, both her ankles swelled up.

blanket:  a heavy cloth that you sleep under in your bed
I think we’ll need an extra blanket tonight.  It’s cold.
When she kissed her son good night, she pulled the blanket up to his chin.

center:  middle
I think we should put the sofa in the center of the living room.
There is a black hole at the center of the galaxy.

customer:  a person who may buy what you’re selling
You should treat every customer with respect.
Her restaurant has lots of steady customers.

emergency:  a situation where something must be done now
Call this number if there’s an emergency, and I’ll come right away.
The doctor had to go to the hospital for an emergency.

immigrant:  a person who comes into the country to live
As an immigrant herself, she knows the challenges of living in a new country.
Canada accepts over 200,000 immigrants yearly.

lipstick:  a substance women put on their lips to add color
She went to the ladie’s room to refresh her lipstick.
Her perfect lipstick is just a shade darker than her natural lips.

perfume:  a nice-smelling liquid women put on their skin
She usually only puts on perfume before she goes out on a date.
The smell of her perfume was so strong he had to open the window.

recipe:  a plan for making delicious food
I’ve been looking for a good chilli recipe for ages.
Let’s go on-line and search for a recipe for antipasto.

scissors:  a tool you use to cut paper or other thin material
The last time he used scissors, he cut his finger.
These scissors need to be sharpened.  They tear the paper.

stomach:   the organ that receives the food that you eat
The bully hit him in the stomach, and he ran away crying.
After eating many slices of birthday cake, his stomach is upset.

village:  a small group of houses
I think there’s a doctor in the neighboring village who can help.
They came from a village on the island of Borneo.

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