Level 1 verbs – Unit 07

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attach: to connect
She attached a picture of herself to the email she sent to her parents.
So her son wouldn’t lose his gloves, she attached them to his sleeves.

bite: to cut with teeth
The dog bit the boy on the leg.
It’s not a good idea to bite your fingernails.

check: to look at carefully
When I get gas for my car, I also check the oil.
Check your email address to make sure it’s correct.

control: to make someone / something do what you want
He has trouble controlling his anger.
The teacher has to control thirty students.

fear: to be afraid of
She is a leader who fears nothing.
He ran away because he fears snakes.

hunt: to look for so you can get or kill
I’ve been hunting for a nice painting to put over the fireplace.
He and his son like to hunt for rabbits.

mean: to intend, to plan, to say
She didn’t understand what he meant.
We didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.

relax: to rest and not be active
He likes to relax in front of the TV on Friday nights.
After setting up the campsite, everyone relaxed around the fire.

shout: to yell, to be loud with your voice
It’s not necessary to shout; I can hear you.
She shouted at him across the parking lot, but he couldn’t hear her.

stir: to move (a liquid) around in a circular motion
Would you please stir the soup while it’s heating.
He slowly stirred his coffee with a spoon.

tickle: to touch with the fingers to make someone laugh
He tickled the bottom of her feet.
The children like to tickle each other.

trust: to believe that someone will do the right thing
They trust their children to take care of the family dog.
I don’t trust you because you have lied to me before.

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