Lecture (Level 1) – How to succeed

by Arianna Huffington

a Greek-American author best known for her news website The Huffington Post.  She was named number 12 in Forbes’ Magazine’s first-ever list of the Most Influential Women in Media.



First preview the vocabulary below.  Then do the exercise by first reading a single question and then listening for the answer.  When you hear the answer, pause the video and answer the question.  Then read the next question and do the same thing.  If you get the answer wrong, then go back to where the answer is given and listen again.

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dormant:  present but not active
Type A:  people who work long hours everyday
sleep deprived:  not getting enough sleep
fainted:  fell to the ground unconscious
exhaustion:  having no energy at all
stitches:  sewing of the skin
productive:  doing more things
inspired:  having a lot of motivation
lead the way:  go first
virility symbol:  a thing that makes a man feel masculine
bragged:  said proudly
brilliant:  very smart
IQ:  intelligence quotient, smartness
crises:  dangerous situations
gratitude:  thankfulness
effectiveness:  ability to work well
urge:  strongly want
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