Talk (Level 1) – Budgeting for beginners

by Patricia Keele

a stay-at-home mom trying to simplify life, find happiness in the ordinary, and bring beauty into her home on a budget.

First preview the vocabulary below.  Then do the exercise by first reading a single question and then listening for the answer.  When you hear the answer, pause the video and answer the question.  Then read the next question and do the same thing.  If you get the answer wrong, then go back to where the answer is given and listen again.

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categories:  areas of spending (such as food, rent, and entertainment)
semi-annual:  twice a year (such as taxes and car insurance)
picky:  strict
data:  expenses, how much you’re spending in each category
tricky:  complicated
receipts:  paper records you get when you buy something
track:  see where the money is spent
within:  inside without going over
charities: organizations that help people
church tithings:  donations to your church
up front:  at the beginning
absorbed:  spent
the universe:  God
responsible:  able to do the right thing
allocating:  putting into a category
can’t afford:  don’t have the money for

Here’s a quick video to teach you why budgeting is important: