Lecture (Level 4) – The jobs we’ll lose to machines and the ones we won’t

by Anthony Goldbloom, the co-founder and CEO of Kaggle, which is a community of over 600,000 data scientists who find solutions to difficult problems.  In 2011 and 2012, Forbes Magazine named him one of the 30 under 30 in technology, and in 2013 the MIT Tech Review named him one of the top 35 innovators under the age of 35.

First preview the vocabulary below.  Then do the exercise by first reading a single question and then listening for the answer.  When you hear the answer, pause the video and answer the question.  Then read the next question and do the same thing.  If you get the answer wrong, then go back to where the answer is given and listen again.


dramatically:  very very big
concluded:  discovered, found out
automated:  made automatic, not needing humans
disruption:  great change
data:  information
mimic:  copy, do the same things
the cutting edge:  the very best in technology (idiom)
industry:  manufacturers
academia:  universities and technical institutes
unique:  one and only, not shared by others
perspective:  understanding
tasks:  jobs, pieces of work
assessing:  finding out the value (of something)
zip codes:  numbers for sections of the country
breakthroughs:  discoveries no one has made before
complex:  difficult
algorithm:  a series of “if A, then B” statements in a computer program
grade:  to give a mark (A, B+, B, B-, C+, C, etc.) to
challenge:  problem
diagnose:  find out which disease (someone has)
ophthalmologists:  eye doctors
essays:  writings by students
competing:  trying to win
high volume:  with lots of data
novel:  new, never seen before
fundamental:  basic
limitation:  weakness, inability
disparate:  basically different
physicist:  a scientist who studies physics (science of matter, energy, motion and force)
magnetron:  a device that creates very short radio waves
cross-pollination:  the sharing of knowledge between different sciences and technologies
extent:  level, degree, amount (how big, how much?)
frequent:  happening often
litigation:  lawsuits (court cases where one party may have to pay the other party)
shrink:  make smaller
ranks:  numbers of workers
marketing campaign:  a series of advertisements created to sell something
business strategy:  what needs to be done to make a business successful

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