Level 4 idioms – Unit 02


Sahar:  Natalia, do you have a minute?

Natalia:  Sure.  What’s on your mind?

Sahar:  I found out that Hossein hasn’t been on the level with me.

Natalia:  What do you mean?  Are you getting cold feet about marrying him?

Sahar:  No it’s not that.  I love him, but the other day I found some photos of him with a strange woman, and I’ve been a basket case ever since.

Natalia:  Well you knew he had been around the block before you two got together.  It was probably a photo of an old girlfriend.

Sahar:  I don’t think so.  We had a heart to heart last week, and I was completely above board with him about all my old boylfriends.  The only old girlfriend he told me about was a blond, but the woman in the photo was a brunette.

Natalia:  Although there’s a fine line between not telling the whole truth and lying, maybe he didn’t want to come clean all at once.  I’d give him some time if I were you.

Sahar:  Okay.  I hope you’re right.  It would be a crying shame if the wedding were called off.


got together:  became a couple
a blond:  a woman with blond hair
brunette:  a woman with brown hair
all at once:  immediately
called off:  cancelled


have a minute                         have time to have a short talk.
on one’s mind                         being thought about
on the level                                telling the truth
cold feet                                      doubt about something you planned
the other day                           a day not too long ago
a basket case                            a person who is overly nervous or upset
been around the block        have had many experiences
have a heart to heart            have an emotional conversation
above board                              totally honest, legally done
a fine line                                   not much of a difference
come clean                                 be totally truthful
a crying shame                        too bad, a sad event


Have a minute can also be have a second.

The opposite of above board is under the table when talking about something being illegal.

a basket case and in bad shape have the same meaning.

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