Level 4 idioms – Unit 04


Jonathan:  I love my job, but my boss and I have been at odds since the beginning of the month when I took a week off to be at the hospital with my sick mother.  He didn’t want to give me the time off, but I would never let anything come between my mother and me, not even my job.

Marissa:  I would have done the same thing.  My bottom line has always been that family comes first. How is your mother?

Jonathan:  She’s fine now.  The doctor gave her a clean bill of health, but she’s not off the hook yet.  She still needs to get her strength back.

Marissa:  I’m so glad to hear that.  Now you have to bury the hatchet with your boss.  You don’t want him to give you the boot.

Jonathan:  No I don’t. I thought I had patched things up with him, but I think he’s still angry with me.

Marissa:  You have a way with words.  I think you should bite the bullet and talk to him again, no ifs, ands or buts.

Jonathan:  You’re right.  I don’t want there to be any bad blood between us.  I’ll try to make it right.


at odds                                             in disagreement about something
come between                            cause trouble between two people
bottom line                                   most important thing
a clean bill of health                an assurance of good health
 off the hook                                 no longer having a problem
bury the hatchet                       no longer be angry with someone
give (someone) the boot       fire (someone) from a job
patch things up                           improve a relationship by doing something nice
a way with words                      an ability to use words to achieve a goal
bite the bullet                              do a difficult and unpleasant task
no ifs, ands or buts                    no excuses
bad blood                                       very unfriendly relationship


Give (someone) the boot is the opposite of get the boot, which means “get fired.”


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