Level 1 idioms – Unit 09


Mary:  Hi Julie.  What’s up?  You look tired.

Julie:  I got up early this morning to put together this new bicycle that I’m giving to Jamie for his birthday.

Mary:  Oh, that’s sweet of you.  I’m sure he’ll like it.  Listen, the reason I stopped by is to ask you to come shopping and help me pick out something to wear to John and Susan’s wedding.

Julie:  I thought they broke up, and the wedding was called off.

Mary:  That’s right, but they made up yesterday, and the wedding is on again.  I heard they cried so much, they used up a whole box of tissue.

Julie:  Is that so?  You know, all of a sudden, I want to go shopping too.  I have nothing to wear either.

Mary:  Let me help you clean up and put away these tools.

Julie:  Thanks.  You know, it’ll be fun to dress up for this wedding.  I like wearing nice clothes.


sweet:  nice
wedding:  marriage ceremony
on:  happening
tissue:  soft paper used on the face
so:  true
tools:  instruments used to put something together, like pliers and screw drivers


what’s up                  what’s happening
put together             build out of parts
stop by                        visit (someone) informally
pick out                      choose
break up (with)      end (a relationship, meeting)
make up                     become friendly after a fight or argument / create (a story)
use up                         use completely, have no more
all of a sudden       without warning, suddenly
put away                   return (something) to its proper place
dress up                    put on good clothes


Stop by and drop by have the same meaning.

Break up is followed by with if an object is used.
Example:  Paul broke up with Judy.

Break up is never followed by with when it means “end a meeting.”
Example:  The meeting broke up at 8:00.

Make up has two meanings.  The second meaning is “create (a story)”
Example:  Johnny didn’t do his homework again, so he had to make up an excuse.

All of a sudden and all at once have the same meaning.

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