Level 2 idioms – Unit 01


Andrei: Sven, I’ve always looked up to you. Would you give me some advice?

Sven: Sure. How can I help?

Andrei: I’m trying to get up the nerve to ask Victoria out.

Sven: Really? The girl in your math class who looks like a movie star?

Andrei: That’s right. I want to ask her to the dance this Friday, but my shyness gets in the way.

Sven: I know what you mean. It takes a lot of nerve to ask a beautiful girl out. My advice is to start talking to her and play it by ear.

Andrei: But what if she doesn’t warm up to me?

Sven: Don’t worry. On the whole, girls like it when a guy shows courage.

Andrei: Maybe, but I have butterflies in my stomach. I guess I’ll just have to put aside my fear and ask her.

Sven: Good luck. I hope everything works out.


advice:  what you tell someone they should do
shyness:  feeling like other people won’t like you
guy:  man, boy
courage:  going through your fear to do something
fear:  feeling of being afraid


look up to (someone)                               admire, respect
get up the nerve                                          find the courage
ask (someone) out                                     invite (someone) on a date
look like                                                           resemble
get in the way                                               make it difficult to do something
take a lot of nerve                                       require a lot of courage
play it by ear                                                 do something without a plan
warm up to (someone)                            become friendly with (someone)
on the whole                                                 generally
have butterflies in one’s stomach     be nervous
put aside                                                          save for later
work out                                                          bring to a successful conclusion / solve / exercise


Work out has three meanings. The other two are:
(solve) Example:  First, we had to work out the problem of transportation.
(exercise) Example:  I don’t have time to work out at the gym anymore.

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