Level 2 idioms – Unit 07


Hiroco:  Hi Sonja.   Do you want to come with me this afternoon and see me audition for the school play?  I thought I would go for it and try out for the lead role.

Sonja:  I’d love to, but I don’t feel up to going.  I think I’m running a temperature.

Hiroco:  I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, but I can’t stick around.  The auditions only take place between 1:00 and 3:00 this afternoon.

Sonja:  It’s too bad I can’t go.  I’d love to see you show off your talent.

Hiroco:  I just hope I’m not too rusty.  I want to give them such a great audition that I stand out from all the others.

Sonja:  I’m sure you’ll do just fine.  Don’t let me hold you up.  I don’t want you to run late.

Hiroco:  Yes, I shouldn’t push my luck.  I’ve been late too many times for auditions.


audition:  a trial performance by an actor
play:  a story actors do on stage
lead role:  the most important character in a play
talent:  skills, things you are good at


go for it:                             do something one would normally be afraid to do
try out for:                        show one’s skills to become part of a group
feel up to:                           be well enough (to do something)
run a temperature:      have a fever
stick around:                   stay here
take place:                         happen
show off:                            attract attention with unusual behavior
be rusty:                             need practice
stand out:                          be noticeable, be obvious
hold up:                              delay / rob
run late:                              be in a hurry (for work, class)
push one’s luck:             continue taking chances


Hold up has 2 meanings.  The second meaning is “rob.”  Example:  The man who held up the convenience store escaped before the police came.

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