Level 2 idioms – Unit 09


Shirley:  Hi, Juan.  Do you mind if I sit here?

Juan:  Be my guest.  It’s a free country.

Shirley:  Would you rather I leave you alone?

Juan:  No, no.  I have to kill time anyway before my dentist appointment.  I hate to bring this up, but I don’t think I’ve forgiven you for standing me up that time you asked me over.  Where did you go, and why didn’t you call me?

Shirley:  Actually, that’s the reason I wanted to talk to you in person.  Do you remember when I told you about Stan, my old boyfriend?

Juan:  Yes, I remember.  I thought you were over him?  How is old Stanley anyway?

Shirley:  It’s not Stanley.  Stan is short for Stanton, remember?  He came back last week, and we got back together again.  That’s why I haven’t phoned you.

Juan:  Well isn’t that just fine!  I guess I can rule out a relationship between us now.   Is there anything I can say to change your mind?

Shirley:  No Juan, save your breath.  I’ve made up my mind.  Stan is the one for me.

Juan:  Well, I hope you two will be very happy together.

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rather:  prefer
forgiven:  stopped being angry
fine:  okay
one:  person


be my guest                                                       do what you want without getting permission
leave (someone/something) alone      don’t disturb
kill time                                                              spend time waiting
bring up                                                             introduce (a topic) / raise (a child)
stand (someone) up                                   cancel a date without telling the other person
ask (someone) over                                    invite (someone) to one’s home
in person                                                          in front of one another
be over (someone)                                       no longer love (someone)
short for                                                           a shorter name (nickname) for
rule out                                                             eliminate as a possibility
save one’s breath                                         saying anything will have no effect
make up one’s mind                                  decide


Be my guest and feel free are similar in meaning, but be my guest is used alone.  Feel free can be used alone or with an infinitive phrase.  Example:  Feel free to eat what you want in the kitchen.

kill time and have time to kill have similar meanings, but have time to kill means “have extra time.” Example:  I have time to kill before my interview.  Do you want to go for coffee?

Bring up has 2 meanings:  The other meaning is “raise (a child).”  Example:  I was brought up in Riverside, California..

In person and face to face have the same meaning.


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