Level 1 adjectives – Unit 03

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average:  typical, common, ordinary
The average person in the world earns about a thousand dollars a month.
The average rainfall or snowfall in Canada is about 540 centimeters a year.

bright:  with lots of light, shiny
This room is very bright with all these windows.
It was too bright in the sunlight to read a book.

clever:  intelligent and able to learn things quickly
Some cats are clever enough to open doors by turning the doorknob.
All her teachers say she’s a clever little girl who will have lots of success in life.

crooked:  bent, curved, not straight
His nose is crooked because of a fight he had last year.
They followed a crooked path through the forest.

difficult:  hard to do, not easy
It was difficult to move the sofa upstairs, but we did it.
She had a difficult birth that lasted over 25 hours.

famous:  know by many people
His father is a famous Canadian hockey player.
This restaurant is famous for its cheesecake.

harmful:  bad for the body, causing injury or illness
If you drink alcohol with that medication, it can be harmful.
Junk food is harmful to your health.

messy:  with no order, not neat
Her handwriting is very messy.
You boys, go clean your messy rooms before dinner.

original:  the first one
That’s an original painting by Van Gogh.
Thomas Edison had many original ideas.

regular:  usual. normal, habitual
They’re regular customers at that restaurant.
She’s a regular guest at all his parties.

straight:  with no bend, not curved, direct
They need a straight road to race their cars on.
I want you to come straight home after school.

ugly:  unpleasant to look at, having no beauty
I don’t like that kind of dog.  I find it very ugly.
I would never buy that ugly rug.

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