Level 1 adjectives – Unit 07

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careful:  doing nothing that could cause a problem
Be careful when you cross the street.
She’s a very careful driver.

confused:  not knowing what to do
I’m confused about what time we should be at the airport.
Two people gave him two different directions, which confused him.

direct:  straight from a source, without turning or stopping
He took a direct flight from Hong Kong to Vancouver.
This plant will die in direct sunlight.

generous:  giving or sharing of money or time
Her generous grandparents gave her a car for her graduation.
He was generous with his time, helping anyone in need.

incredible:  unbelievable, hard to believe, amazing
Making a good website takes an incredible amount of work.
It’s incredible that everyone survived the plane crash.

mild:  gentle, not strong or harsh
I had a mild case of the flu last week.
You should use a mild soap on your face.

physical:  of the body, with a lot of movement
Ice hockey is a very physical sport.
He doesn’t get enough physical exercise.

selfish:  caring only about yourself, not caring about others
Although he seemed generous, he did it for selfish reasons.
Don’t be so selfish.  Share that candy with your sister.

single:  only one, not married
When he finished, there wasn’t a single cookie left in the jar.
She’s thirty-three and still single.

skinny:  very thin, too thin
She likes to wear her skinny jeans whenever she goes out.
In high school he was a skinny little guy.

thick:  wide from one side to the other side, not thin
He put the meat between two thick slices of bread and ate it.
Because the lake had a thick layer of ice, they could go ice skating.

upset:  with an angry, worried or unhappy feeling
Please don’t be upset with me, but I lost your ring.
When you two broke up, it really made her upset.

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