Level 1 verbs – Unit 09

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attend:  to be part of a gathering (a class, a concert, a meeting)
She doesn’t attend this class any more.
I have to attend a meeting, so I can’t stay very long.

chase:  to run and try to catch
The police chased the man for three blocks before they caught him.
He chased after the bus, but it left before he got there.

climb:  to go up (a tree, a mountain, stairs)
Because the elevator was broken, they had to climb the stairs to their apartment.
The boy climbed every tree in the neighborhood.

connect:  to put things together, join
We have to connect this chord to the back of the TV.
They’re building a bridge to connect the island with the mainland.

drip:  to fall in drops, to leak
The kitchen tap drips continuously.
After the shower the rain dripped off the trees.

load:  to put on or into (something)
It takes them about 24 hours to load the ship with grain.
The students loaded their backpacks with food.

place:  to put (somewhere)
She placed the flowers in the center of the table.
You can feel the baby if you place your hand on her stomach.

punish:  to give a penalty for doing something wrong
Your son must be punished for lying to you.
She punished her daughter by taking away her cell phone for a week.

rub:  to touch a surface with a strong continuous motion
I don’t like these shoes because they rub my heels.
She rubbed her hands together to make them warm.

share:  to use equally
The sisters share a bedroom.
No, I won’t share my dessert with you.

spend:  to give money to buy (something)
We have to stop spending so much money.
How much did you spend on this coat?

stick:  to make stay in one position
She stuck the photo on the wall with tape.
We will stick these paper stars to the ceiling with glue.

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