Level 3 adjectives – Unit 05

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anxious:    greatly worried / wanting very much
Many students are anxious about the final exams.
We’re anxious to know the results of the election.

ambitious:    wanting very much to be successful
Olympic athletes have to be ambitious to win
I know he’ll do well in life because he’s ambitious

awkward:  not able to move very well
He’s not fun to dance with because he’s too awkward.
These golf clubs are awkward to use.  They’re for left-handed people.

capable:    having the ability
My brother is a capable carpenter who can build almost anything.
I swear I didn’t kill her.  I’m not capable of murder.

delicate:    easily damaged, fragile
She can never be a dancer.  She has delicate feet.
He noticed a spider’s delicate web in the corner of the room.

drowsy:    sleepy
This medicine makes me drowsy.
I studied all night and felt drowsy all during the test.

essential:    absolutely necessary
It is essential that you tell him to call me as soon as he arrives.
Banks are essential to the economy.

eternal:    unending, lasting forever
Their love for each other is eternal
The origin of life is an eternal question among scientists.

flexible:    bending or changing easily
Dancers have flexible bodies.
He has a job where he works flexible hours.

leisure:    free from work or other duties
They enjoy many leisure activities together, such as playing poker.
She spends her leisure time reading novels.

punctual:    on time, at the correct time
Your son has been punctual to class everyday this term.
I didn’t have to wait for our meeting.  He was punctual.

solid:    hard, strong, not hollow
This beautiful table is solid oak.
They built the house on solid rock.

violent:    with uncontrolled rough force
The violent storm is expected to hit the coast of Florida on Friday.
Stay away from him when he drinks because he gets violent.

visible:    able to be seen
He has a visible scar on his cheek.
On a clear night many stars are visible.

weird:    strange, very unusual
She has a weird habit of pulling on her left earlobe.
She felt weird when she saw her ex-husband kiss her sister.

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