Idioms of love

Happy love expressions:

Soul mate:  a person who is a perfect match for someone
• I think I’ve finally found my soul mate.

To be crazy about (someone):  to be so in love with someone that you can’t stop thinking of them
• John is crazy about Alicia.

To be head over heals for (someone):   (same definition as above)
ALSO: To be head over heals in love with (someone)
• John is head over heals for Alicia.
• John is head over heals in love with Alicia.

To get serious:  to take a relationship to a more committed level of love
• Sue told me she‘s getting serious about Paul.

To have a crush on (someone):  to be secretly in love with someone (usually teenagers)
ALSO:  To have got a crush on (someone)
• She has a crush on her piano teacher.
• She‘s got a crush on her piano teacher.

To hit it off:  to meet someone and really like each other immediately
• I introduced my roommate to my sister, and they hit it off right away.

To make up with (someone):  to forgive (someone) after a breakup
• Joe made up with Judy over the weekend, so they’re back together again.
ALSO:  To make up:  To forgive each other after a breakup.
• Joe and Judy made up over the weekend, so they’re back together again.
ALSO:  To take someone back:  to let someone be your lover again.
• Joe apologized, so Judy took him back.

To pop the question:  to ask someone to marry you
• My brother popped the question last night to his girlfriend, and she said yes.

Unhappy love expressions:

To dump (someone):  to tell someone that you no longer want a relationship with them
• After three months she dumped him.

To break up (with someone):  To end a relationship (with a lover)
• David and Annette broke up last week, so they’re not coming to the party.

To break someone’s heart:  to cause someone who loves you to feel sad
• She broke his heart when she left him for another man.
ALSO:  To have a broken heart:  to feel sad about a lover leaving you
• After she left him, he had a broken heart.
ALSO:  To suffer from a broken heart
• We’d better leave him alone tonight.  He‘s suffering from a broken heart.
ALSO:  (Someone’s) heart was broken
• When he saw her with another man, his heart was broken.

To brush someone off:  to give an excuse not to see someone
• Every time I ask her for a date, she brushes me off.

To cheat (on someone):  to have a second lover
• He cheated on her, and that’s why they broke up.
ALSO:  To have an affair (with someone):
• She had an affair with her boss.
ALSO: A cheater:  a person who has another lover
• She knows he is a cheater, but she took him back anyway.

To split up:  To stop seeing each other
• Joanne and her new boyfriend split up because he couldn’t dance.

To stand someone up:   to not show up for a date with someone
• I’m home early because she stood me up.
ALSO:  To be stood up:  someone not showing up for a date with you
• I’m home early because I was stood up.

To turn someone down:  to refuse to go on a date with someone
• He tried to make a date with her, but she turned him down.

Neutral love expressions:

A blind date:  a date with someone you’ve never seen before
• I’d better go home and get ready for my blind date tonight.

A double date:  a date with your lover and another couple
• Let’s go on a double date with Bruce and Barb this Saturday night.

To fix someone up:  to get someone else a date with someone
• My cousin’s coming to visit, and I thought I’d fix her up with my best friend.

To ask someone out:  to invite someone on a date
• You know that cute girl in math class?  I think I’m going to ask her out.

To chat someone up:  to speak to someone so they start to like you
• I know you’re shy, but just go over there and chat her up and see what happens.

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