Level 1 adjectives – Unit 01

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angry:  feeling like hurting someone

She was angry at her brother for breaking her doll.
I’m still angry with you for taking my bike without telling me first.

blank:  with nothing on it
He tried to write her a letter, but after an hour the page was still blank.
The room seemed cold because all the walls were blank.

delicious:  tasting really good
Thank you for the meal, Mrs. Johnston.  It was delicious.
She made a delicious apple pie for dessert.

empty:  with nothing inside
There were several empty bottles on the floor after the party.
At 2:00 in the morning all the streets were empty.

favorite:  most liked
Uncle Henry is my favorite uncle.
I know his favorite sport is soccer.

honest:  truthful
I want you to be honest with me and tell me the truth.
He wasn’t being honest when he said he was home last night.

kind:  good and helpful
Her husband is a kind and loving man.
You’re always kind to animals.

nervous:  afraid of doing something
He’s nervous about meeting his girlfriend’s parents.
The idea of speaking in front of a large crowd makes me nervous.

polite:  showing good manners towards other people
The polite thing to do is to hold the door open for the lady.
You need to learn to be more polite and say please and thank you.

silent:  making no noise
This dishwasher is more silent than my last one.
The teacher wanted all the students to be silent while she was talking.    

sour:  tasting similar to a lemon or vinegar
This milk is sour, so we should throw it out.
If you don’t like the sour taste, add more sugar.

wide:  big across
This street is very wide.
The doorway isn’t wide enough to get the sofa in the room.

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