Level 1 adjectives – Unit 02

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alive:  full of life, with life
He was lucky to be alive after a terrible car accident.
When I’m dancing, I feel alive .

cheap:  costing or charging very little money
I lost my watch, but it was a cheap one, so I don’t care.
They like to shop in cheap stores.

dangerous:  able to cause harm
She’s a dangerous driver when it’s dark outside.
It’s dangerous to leave your toys on the stairs. 

fresh:  newly made, not old
Is the milk in the fridge still fresh?
We like to eat fresh fruit everyday.

huge:  very big, large
He has trouble buying shoes for his huge feet.
I have a huge favor to ask of you.

loose:  not touching hard, not tight
These pants are too loose, so I need a belt.
Hi necktie was loose and his sleeves were rolled up.

modern:  of the present time
This kitchen is not very modern, so we’ll have to update it.
I don’t l modern art very much.

private:  not to be shared with anyone else
Do you mind?  This is a private conversation.
let’s keep this private, just between you and me.

ripe:  ready to eat (fruit), mature
Those green bananas will be ripe in a couple days.
The peaches on our tree are turning ripe.

shy:  lacking confidence in oneself
She won’t talk to boys because she’s too shy.
It’s hard to believe, but the movie star was shy when he was a  boy.

tight:  fitting too closely, pushing on the skin
I’m not going to buy these shoes; they’re too tight.
His belt was too tight, so he had to loosen it.

worried:  afraid that something bad has happened or will happen
He was worried that his boss would fire him.
Her parents are always worried when she goes out at night.

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