Level 1 adjectives – Unit 04

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adorable:  cute and lovable
What an adorable child you have.
John and Julia are an adorable couple.

blind:  not able to see
Are you blind?  I’m standing right here!
He is blind to the opportunity I’m offering him.

comfortable:  feeling good and relaxed
This is a very comfortable office chair.
I don’t feel comfortable when your mother is here.

deep:  far down from the surface
They had to dig a deep well to find water.
The ship sank in deep water

flat:  horizontal, smooth, without high or low areas
I need a flat surface so I can sign my name on this paper.
Everywhere he looked, the ground was flat, which was perfect for farming.

gentle:  careful, soft, not rough
They could feel a warm, gentle wind on their faces.
He chose the most gentle horse for his daughter to ride.

important:  needing more attention than other things
Please listen.  I have an important announcement to make.
The scientist made an important discovery.

lazy:  not wanting to work, idle
His teacher says he’s a lazy student and could do much better if he tried.
My lazy friends don’t want to help me move this weekend.

odd:  strange, unusual
That’s odd.  I’m sure I left my keys on this table, but they aren’t here.
She has an odd habit of sucking on her hair when she’s working.

rotten:  not able to be eaten, over-ripe
One of the apples was rotten, so he had to throw it out.
I know the banana is brown, but it’s not rotten.

simple:  easy to understand
It’s a simple question.  Were you home last night?
Math in elementary school is quite simple.

weak:  with little energy, not strong
His doctor told him not to do any hard exercise because of his weak heart.
When she got sick, she was so weak that she had to stay in bed all day.

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