Level 2 verbs – Unit 05

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affect:  to make a change on something/someone
Too much sugar affects my health in a bad way.
Your lateness affects everyone in the class.

commit:  to do what is necessary to achieve a goal.
You must commit to practicing the violin everyday if you want to get good.
She’s willing to commit to this relationship.

demand:  to strongly ask for
I demand to see the manager.
She demanded to be included in the meeting.

discard:  to throw away
I’m keeping this one but discarding all the rest.
Please discard your old batteries at the recycle center.

explode:  to expand rapidly with force and a loud noise
They heard a bomb explode inside the bank.
At nine o’clock, the sky exploded with fireworks.

gather:  to collect together, to come together
The campers gathered wood for the fire.
The children gathered together to hear the story.

interrupt:  to rudely stop someone else’s activity
I didn’t mean to interrupt your dinner, but this is important.
The fire alarm interrupted their final exam.

last:  to continue in time
How long will this movie last?
If you take care of this car, it should last you another ten years.

moan:  to make sounds of being hurt, to complain
Stop moaning and finish your homework.
He could hear the wounded soldiers moaning in the dark.

prepare:  to get ready
She prepared a wonderful dinner for their anniversary.
The village was not prepared for the earthquake.

reach:  to get to (a place)
He had to reach the top shelf to get a role paper towels.
When they reached the beach, everyone ran towards the ocean.

replace:  to change one thing for another
In my coffee I replace sugar with honey.
Please replace the top on the toothpaste when you’re finished.

sparkle:  to shine by reflecting light
Her diamond sparkled in the sunlight.
Her eyes sparkle when she laughs.

suggest:  to introduce an idea for possible action
Her mother suggested that she start a diary.
I suggest we have a barbecue this weekend.

whisper:  to talk without using your voice
In the library everyone is supposed to whisper.
He whispered something in her ear and then left.

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