Level 2 verbs – Unit 09

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annoy:  to bother (someone)
When I check my email, all the spam really annoys me.
The flies at the beach were annoying us so much that we had to leave.

book:  to make a reservation
For our lunch I booked a table at the Japanese restaurant down the street.
It was impossible to book a room for this long weekend, so can I stay with you?

bruise:  to cause a black and blue mark under the skin
He fell off his bike and bruised his arm.
He was lucky. All he did was bruise his lip.

compare:  to say what is similar and different about two things
When I compare prices, Super Store’s are the lowest.
You can’t compare her present boyfriend to her last one.

contain:  to have inside
That bottle of pop contains a lot of sugar.
The fish tank contained a variety of colorful fish.

develop:  to become better.
I’ve watched you develop as a basketball player over the last few years.
She practices hard to develop her skills.

examine:  to look at very closely
Let the doctor examine you to find out what’s wrong.
When the detective examined the scene of the murder, he found a single earring.

forgive:  to no longer be angry at someone
It may take her a while to forgive you for lying to her.
Please forgive me. I should never have taken your bike without asking.

involve:  to be part of (an activity)
Your problems don’t involve me, so find a solution yourself.
Were you involved in that disturbance downtown on Friday?

matter:  to be important
It matters that she’s your sister and she needs help..
It doesn’t matter if I’m there tomorrow or not.

prefer:  to choose (over something else)
What day would you prefer to go out for dinner?
I prefer to stay quiet and keep my opinions to myself.

raise:  to grow, to mature
We were both raised in southern California.
They raise corn on that farm.

remain:  to stay behind (when most have left)
There were only two chocolates remaining in the box.
He remained after class to talk to the teacher.

spoil:  to go or make bad
She spoiled the surprise party by telling her sister.
By the time the fruit got to market, most of it had spoiled.

supply:  to provide with needed things:
That company supplies the army with boots.
The teacher supplied the answers to the test the following day.

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